Pacific Coordinate Systems

Pacific Projections Repository is built on the database, which simplifies discovery of coordinate reference systems utilized all over the world for creating maps and geodata and for identifying geo-position. It is a practical tool for anybody interested in cartography and digital map making, who needs to know exact latitude and longitude values for numerical coordinates in different spatial reference systems. Included map application allows to show the precise location anywhere on the planet also visually.

The website comes with a fulltext search indexing over 6000 coordinate systems. The search starts by typing the name of the system, name of covered country, state or any of the combinations of these. Searching for EPSG and ESRI codes is supported as well.

Each coordinates system and transformation has a short permanent link and is exportable in various formats (WKT, XML, OGC GML, Proj.4, JavaScript, SQL).

The official EPSG database maintained by OGP Geomatics Committee ( The database comprises of very detailed geodetic parameters from a range of sources and authorities. simplifies access to exact parameters for thousands of spatial reference systems, transformations and conversions, datums, ellipsoids, meridians, units, etc.

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Core Features

  • Fulltext search for the complete database of coordinate systems from EPSG
  • Short rememberable URLs, i.e.
  • Type GPS latitude/longitude and get projected coordinates or vice versa
  • Precise numerical location on a map / aerial photo for any place on the planet
  • Export definitions in various formats, including WKT, OGC GML, XML, Proj.4, SQL, JS, etc.
  • Facets for retrieval of alternative record types from the official EPSG database
  • API for the search in EPSG database and for transformations